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Promote Landscaping Business

The business of landscaping and t shirts will always thrive as long as there will be construction and renovations. For such a field that demands creativity and technical skills, you can be encountering competitions from the start. Due to modern technology, marketing your business can be flexible and wide-reaching with the following ten marketing ideas.

Establish Recognition

The edge a certain business can have against its contemporaries is identity. An identity represents what your business is all about. To have the identity recognized, one of the basic things needed first is the logo.

A logo is what captures the attention of on-lookers. How the logo is designed and being strategically placed for recognition can be an advantage to other competitive businesses. One of the ingenious ways to expose the logo is by incorporating custom t-shirts.

Anticipate Peak Season

The peak season for the landscaping business is from spring until fall, where many constructions are possible. Anticipation can lead to securing contracts from the competitors due to preparation and ample investment in advertising materials.

Set Target Customers

It would be wise to focus on a certain group of customers wherein the potential income is high and constant. In that way, you can allocate your resources well and it will be easy to concentrate all efforts on the selected market.

Create a Portfolio

A portfolio is important to entice the potential customers of the products you are capable of generating. A well-taken photo can speak many words. Designing a unique and attractive portfolio in any medium possible can pique the viewer’s interests and can become guaranteed customers.

Set-up Direct Mail

Landscaping involves many processes and transactions, from designs to instructions and even feedbacks. Having an e-mail address or online contact can assure potential customers that you are open to their needs and easy communication is possible.

Aim to be on the Listings

A list can help most potential customers find the things they are looking for. If your landscaping business made into the online listings, chances are, you will be exposed to a wider market. Gather reviews from your satisfied customers and incorporate them to your online advertisements, so that online reviewers may track them.

Invest in a Website

In this age where the yellow pages are obsolete, websites are the medium for advertisement. They may be complicated to make, but an informative and organized website can trigger the interest of a random customer. With just the proper selection of images, word constructions and details of services offered, you will be providing the convenience wanted by potential customers.


There will be events in your locality wherein your business will be among the featured. Get the most of these showcases and establish why a client needs you better than everybody else.

Have Room for Free Services

A few free services can be advantageous if done strategically. It can occur as a small job from a high paying customer or charity work in your neighborhood. They may be calculated acts of kindness; nevertheless, they bring good recognition to the business.

Maximize Social Media

Social media is the most powerful online platform today. Ideas and comments are easily exchanged, so it will be better for your business to have your good reputation shared through various social media accounts.


Landscaping, like any other business, can only thrive by availing customers. A great marketing idea will keep them coming back and even be shared with others; therefore, you must come up with at least one.

Post Author: James Williams

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  1. Thanks for your points, James. Tho I’m in the fence building business, a lot of what was said resonates with me. To be clear on who my target customer is and how to reach them is definitely the key.

    Appreciate the article and ideas!

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