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Taking your children to the garden is a great way to spend quality time with them while diverting their attention from the attraction of the indoors (video games and TVs). It is a healthy way to spend time outdoors while also providing knowledge and life skills.

Here are four ways you can include your child in garden activities:

Purchase garden accessories and seeds for kids

While buying your child a game console, save some money to purchase kid-sized rakes, vegetable and flower seeds, brooms, watering cans, or shovels. Nothing excites a child more than a toy, and a garden toy will surely encourage the child to tag along a gardening expedition.

Get gardening books

Find some gardening books for children and read with them. Reading books will create interest among children, and they will want to try what they read or saw in the book.

Plant shopping with the kids

Letting the kids choose what to plant is another way to generate gardening interest. Go with them to your local gardening store and help them choose some flowers and crops to plant. You can set aside a small patch in their garden to plant their plants.

Make garden crafts

During winter or other rainy seasons, help your child make some garden crafts they can letter include in their garden space. You can also help install a barrier net to protect the child’s plants, such as fruits, from birds and other destructive animals.

These are some of the simple ways you can include your child in the garden in a safe but enjoyable way.

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