Flagstone driveways and walkways are becoming a common feature in many homes and building landscapes. Flagstones are thin and flat natural stones. They have different colours, sizes, and shapes.

However, nowadays, several companies manufacture modified flagstones. They manipulate the shapes, sizes, and add finishing materials to cater to different customer demands. The flagstones are also adjusted to control durability by controlling freeze-thaw, water absorption, and flexural strength.

At JRALA Landscape, we work with flagstone manufacturers to provide suitable flagstones for different environments and terrains. Our flagstone partners include Oaks, Best Way Stone, UNILOCK. Techo-Bloc, Banas, and Permacon.

We make sure to partner with different flagstone manufacturers for various projects depending on the project objectives and proximity of the flagstone manufacturers to ensure smooth project implementation.

We believe the customer is always right. Therefore, we allow customers to choose which type of flagstone and which manufacturer they would like to supply their flagstones.