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How to Involve Your Child in the Garden

Taking your children to the garden is a great way to spend quality time with them while diverting their attention from the attraction of the indoors (video games and TVs). It is a healthy way to spend time outdoors while also providing knowledge and life skills.
Here are four ways you can include your child in garden activities:
Purchase garden accessories and seeds for kids
While buying your child a game console, save some money to purchase kid-sized rakes,¬†vegetable and flower seeds, brooms, watering cans, or shovels. Nothing excites a child more than a toy, and a garden toy will surely encourage the child to tag …

The Best Pet-friendly Landscaping Tips

Today almost every home has a pet, mostly dogs and cats. However, these pets might not understand what is wrong and what is right. They run around destroying the yard, digging up holes, and damaging flowers.
Because of these, it has become essential to create pet-friendly yards that provide beautiful spaces protected from destruction by the pets.
Here is how to create a pet-friendly landscape:

Use gentle hardscapes

Hardscaping is the use of solid objects such as gravel, stone, and paving in landscaping. Hardscaping provides spaces where pets can sharpen their digging skills without …