Interlocking stones are great alternatives to concrete walkways, patios, and driveways. Interlocking holds some advantages over concrete, especially in snowy climates. Concrete expands and contracts more than stones. The freezing and thawing weaken the concrete by causing cracks and chips, which might lead to breakage.

Interlocking stone is more durable, especially in extreme climates. Stones are also much more natural to maintain than concrete. They do not stain easily, and they are easy to clean, and you can replace an individual stone that is too stained. Stones also have better drainage than concrete, which might hold pools of water during the rainy seasons.

With interlocking stones, you get more style and better appearance to your landscape. It is also cheaper to use interlocking stones in the long run since they are easy to maintain, and they are more durable than concrete.

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