The lawn is one of the most common features in a yard. Therefore, a well-planted lawn is key to any successful landscaping project.

To get a healthy and beautiful lawn, it is vital that the proper planting and fertilization is followed. Healthy lawns require regular fertilization with potassium, phosphorous, nitrogen, and lime. Fertilization helps to keep away weeds and diseases that attack lawn grass.

Maintaining a beautiful lawn also requires regular watering. Watering helps the roots to efficiently absorb nutrients from sod fertilization and protects the grass from getting burnt by excess nutrients.

Our lawn team is equipped with all the know-how needed to provide a plush, green lawn. We test and analyze the soil and grass to determine what the lawn needs most. We offer maintenance services to make sure your lawn stays healthy and beautiful. Our lawn team also provides training to our clients on how to properly maintain a lawn.

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