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Toronto, Canada

Apart from landscaping, what other services do you offer?

Apart from landscaping, our company also offers snow removal in the winter, maintenance services, and repairs for damaged fences, flagstones, or decks. We also have a gardening and lending shop that lend and sell yard and gardening tools such as lawnmowers, slashers, hedge shears, power hedge trimmers, and many other devices….

Which parts of Canada do you operate?

Currently, JRALA Landscape operates in and around Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. However, we are also capable of working as far as the northern parts of Ontario and Quebec but mostly for large projects….

Do you need a permit to work on a property?

This depends on the state and the type of work to be done. For example, in Toronto, you will need a permit if work will include the use of heavy machinery and digging. We, however, help our clients to determine whether they need a permit. Furthermore, we also assist in securing proper documentation if there is a need for a permit….