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Today almost every home has a pet, mostly dogs and cats. However, these pets might not understand what is wrong and what is right. They run around destroying the yard, digging up holes, and damaging flowers.

Because of these, it has become essential to create pet-friendly yards that provide beautiful spaces protected from destruction by the pets.

Here is how to create a pet-friendly landscape:

  • Use gentle hardscapes

Hardscaping is the use of solid objects such as gravel, stone, and paving in landscaping. Hardscaping provides spaces where pets can sharpen their digging skills without causing too much destruction in your yard.

  • Proper fencing

You need to install an effective fence to keep your pets, especially dogs, from wandering into the neighbour’s yard and causing a scene. Build a fence about four feet high to prevent jumpers and an underground barrier from preventing diggers.

  • Create fruit and vegetable barriers

Some pets gain an appetite for fruits and vegetables, and with a steady supply nearby, they might decide to go for a quick snack. To prevent this, use raised beds to plant your veggies or surround your garden with a net or wire mesh.

Do not let your pet stand between you and a beautiful yard or vice versa, follow the tips above, and enjoy the company of your pet in a beautiful yard.

Post Author: James Williams

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